HD Streaming Guilt

Am I the only one who prefers to watch Netflix, specifically House of Cards, on the big screen vs. the mobile one? I mean I know mobile is convenient and the quality is dependent on your carrier, bandwidth, etc. But I feel as though I'm almost doing a disservice to this series, the characters, directors, writers watching it in anything less than 1080P. This series is so gorgeous that I find myself almost feeling greedy with it. I'm only watching an episode once about every month. Really milking it because you really do fall in love with these characters. I make it a point to watch during off peak time and through a VPN to guarantee close to as full fidelity as possible. Well, as much as you can on a wireless internet connection on your television. I just thought it was interesting that I felt bad re-watching an episode in something less than 720P. Do you feel the same?