Wait. Windows is actually cool now. When did this happen?

On January 21st, 2015 the team at Microsoft dove right into the next generation of Windows with some serious "umph." I for one was sold.

At first, as I was waiting for the live stream to begin, I was like every other Windows skeptic out there. I could't imagine what Windows could have possibly created after the Vista exodus and (for me) the complete fail of Windows Mobile, Windows phone, and Windows RT. Not to mention I had purposely exiled my self since Windows Vista to Apple's OS X desktop environment. After Vista, at first I went Ubuntu crazy, then it was Apple's OS X and I've been happy since. It was an exciting time for Apple, with new development for desktop apps along with their mobile strategy, and so much more. For mobile, the pattern went sort of the same for me. At first it was Apple then a friend of mine opened my eyes to the awesomeness Google had to offer and I've been there since. 

Ultimately I was set. My Macbook Air at home was nice and light weight. I was running the few apps I needed and with Google's services running my calendar, contact management, and email, what else did a guy need? Everything I needed was everywhere thanks to Google's services. 

Then the stream began, and as the team started to unveil Windows 10 bit by bit, I found myself drooling in the end. 

Satya Nadella at the Windows 10 event on 01/21/15

Satya Nadella at the Windows 10 event on 01/21/15

Watch the event here to see what I mean and seriously stay till the end. The team has taken the best of the best thats out there from every device and service and has finally made Windows sexy again. From One Drive integration with Photos, to Mobile, Xbox, Desktop Games, and the almighty Microsoft Hololens. This is what I call cool. 

And after thinking about it for a while I finally realized what makes this all sexy and exciting again. It was, what seemed like, the blank slate. The clean house smell if you will. They took the garbage out and kept what people were familiar with. They finally connected it all, and every device, every service, finally spoke to each other like never before. 

I swooned like my first kiss with my wife. It was love.   

I honestly don't know if I can say this was all due to Satya or not. I really haven't been following Microsoft since XP really (Vista made me run to a new platform not walk). But to see that Microsoft has integrated some amazing hardware with some amazing software, with a sprinkle of some serious innovation, I think Microsoft is back and this relationship is seriously worth reconsidering.