Lessons from the Grave. Thank you Steve.

As some of you who are close to me know, I'm a huge fan of Steve Jobs. I'm finally reading his Bio and as I read about his life and watch videos of him on YouTube, I find that a lot of what he has talked about his whole life still has precedence today. I also find that a lot of what his vision was is still coming true and in some cases has yet to even come into fruition. It those things that have yet to come into play that has me very excited for the future of technology and of course, Apple, especially with him being gone. Videos like the one below, I think, gives us hope for Apple and for the future of technology in general. 

It's been instilled in me that it's always important to keep learning. I come from a typical Latin home so education is super important. But on this journey of getting to know Steve and in turn myself I have come to find that I have naturally been at the intersection of liberal arts and technology since I was very young and I'm falling in love with the millennial in me. Learning online things like languages, management, computer science, religions, and even public speaking. I love just being alive in today's world and I LOVE being at "the intersection" that Steve has so emphatically talked about in the past. I'm so proud to say at this point in my young adult life that I'm learning from arguably the best in the world and I invite everyone to do the same. The vision still stands, the lessons are still being taught, and Steve has never been better. Even if it has been beyond the grave.

Now shh, Class is in session, quiet down and lets listen.

1997 WWDC Fireside Chat with Steve Jobs Original file can be downloaded from http://molenda.com/videos/1997-wwdc-steve-jobs/