Google stop driving... Let Tesla take the Wheel.

With the launch of the new Tesla Model S 85D I think Tesla just put Google to shame. It kills me to say it because I love both companies very much, however, the technology is totally different. I just think that Tesla's technology really is better. 

Google's cars need to scan each area before a full autonomous drive can occur where as Tesla may not be able to do local roads (it can do highways), it just needs to read the signs using it's technology and current road infrastructure that is already in place. No need to "Pre-Read the Road."

Now if Tesla and Google want to share, thats a whole other ball game and I wouldn't put it past them either. Now here me out before you think I'm completely nuts. Tesla recently opened the doors to its patents and that said a lot about Elon and his team. They know they are beyond what most car companies are currently at with their electric car technology and just as Google has open sourced Android (AOSP), I think (although very slim) there might be a chance of something like this happening in the future. I think that if we were to really start sharing intellectual property with a sort of creative commons behind it (giving credit when credit is due), we may just be on to something.

The bottom line however is that although a free flowing platform for electric car ideas sounds heavenly and all rainbows and butterflies, Elon and his Tesla team are killing it in this industry and have no takers yet and probably wont have any for the next few years. At this point Google just needs to hand over the keys and let Tesla be the designated driver for this ride. 

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