Tickets at a movie theater...

William Figueroa was told at a young age that due to a learning disability, that he would do nothing more in life than take tickets at a movie theater. Since then he has proven doctors wrong again and again. He was the first in his family to achieve a college degree from the State University of New York, has an Information Security Professional certificate from the US Department of Homeland Security, performed for Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, and so much more. WiFi's love for technology is more of an obsession and is the reason he has been sought after by different companies and organizations for consulting, business development, technology evangelization, cross platform support, and so much more. He was even featured in CIO.com for a disruptive proprietary method of adult teaching called FAST. 

WiFi is always on the pulse of what's new in consumer technology and loves to share what he's learned to anyone who will listen. After playing with the major social networks, WiFI has decided to create a page of his own, his own platform if you will, to share what he has found both in technology and anything else that strikes him as interesting. He hopes that his findings spur inside those who visit, inspiration and excitement.